Chapter 3

Events Leading up to

'The World's Second Tower of Babel'

Our main purpose in writing this book is to provide as clear an outline as we can to what God has already done. When the magnitude of His work and the implications of it have become apparent, then for all whose hearts are awakened it will be possible to provide further light on this 'strange work' of the Most High which He is performing in this 'consummation of the age' (see Isaiah 28: 21-22) (see Note 2).

God made clear on that morning of April 25th 1933 that the 'cutting off' of the nations was to be announced forty days beforehand, and this in the most unequivocal terms. These 40 days, being the last of the 200 from November 25th 1932 to June 12th 1933, would therefore have to commence on May 2nd or 3rd.

It was given to us to see then - but very much more clearly later on - that the 'forty days' of Jonah's warning to Nineveh (Jonah 3:4) lay at the background of this Divine requirement. These 40 days in 1933 constituted, as we were presently to discover, the last 40 days of the 40 cycles of Jubilee years from the opening of the dispensation in AD 33 - an era which, to the day, was of the same duration as the 40 cycles of 49 years (Calendar lunar years of 354 days each) which God had been reckoning, first from Adam to Abram, and then again from Abram to the death and resurrection of Christ.

Obviously, such a design as this does not show up on the surface of the Bible's chronology, but we were later to learn how positively the Scriptures prove it to lie underneath, and we were to discover that without this knowledge it was totally impossible - and always had been impossible - to understand or reconcile the time statements of God's Holy Word.

We had already read enough of the writings of chronologers to discover that there were difficulties in the understanding of the Bible's time records that were quite insurmountable; but now God intended to take the first steps to remedy our ignorance and reveal His ways, and the absolute perfection of them, in overruling and ordering the course of man's history on the earth.

In the Spring of 1933 the Scripture that was being most strongly emphasised by the Spirit of God was Romans 11: 22 and this we must briefly consider. The chapter shows the place the Gentiles have occupied in the Divine counsels since the Jewish 'branches' were 'broken off' from 'the olive tree' (which speaks of testimony for God) at the beginning of our age. It is made extremely plain that the nation of Israel was not to be cast away for ever as God's witness in the earth, but only for a limited time - 'until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in,' as we read in verse 25.

For their part, the Gentiles are warned not to boast 'against the (Jewish) branches,' as these were broken off 'because of unbelief' concerning their Messiah. So the Apostle Paul says to the Gentiles in verses 20-22:

'Be not highminded, but fear: for if God spared not the natural branches (the Jews) take heed lest He also spare not thee. Behold, therefore, the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell (the Jews) severity; but towards thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.'

(The whole of Romans Ch.11 should be carefully read, in order to enter into the full context of these verses which were so emphasised at that time by the Spirit of God quickening them to us).

Now the God Who had given the instruction about the 40 days took particular care to see that it was carried out exactly as He required. The Queen's Hall, in the West End of London, was found to be available on the evening of Tuesday, May 2nd, and was accordingly reserved for that date. Then full double-column advertisements of the Meeting had to be drawn up for insertion in all but two of the London daily and evening papers, and several provincial ones. It was realised that many millions of people in all walks of life, at home and abroad, would be reached by this means,and full advantage was taken of this space in the press to convey the warning in suitable terms.

Although we were not to know it until some three years later, all Heaven was aware that May 2nd 1933 was a date of no mean significance! It was, in fact, the 1,900th true solar anniversary of the day our glorious Lord and Master rose in triumph from the tomb in AD 33, and it was, no doubt, for this reason that things were allowed to take a somewhat extraordinary course in preparation for this testimony on the Resurrection anniversary.


May 2nd 1933

In the overruling of God, none of the Daily Papers could find space to insert the Notice calling the Queen's Hall Meeting until the evening of May 1st and the morning of the 2nd, so the actual address, which was to be read the same evening, could not be dictated until that day arrived, when it was at once put into print. This was not what any speaker would have planned, but the way all was perfectly carried out, and the time, bore witness to the overshadowing of God. The gathering of some two thousand people at a day's notice to fill a large hall in London through an announcement of such an unusual nature was also hardly a normal procedure!

The Paper read by Arthur E. Ware to a most attentive audience in the evening of May 2nd was immediately published, and tens of thousands of copies were sold in the following weeks. The 32-page pamphlet bore the title: 'THE IMMEDIATE PROSPECTS OF MANKIND', with the sub-title, 'As it were, Forty Days, and Christendom shall be cut off, as forewarned by St. Paul in the Roman Epistle, Chapter 11.'

In it, not only was the 'cutting off' of the Nations comprising Christendom positively asserted, but the Second Appearing of Christ was also heralded as due to take place 'just before, or just after June 12th.' (The reason this part of the declaration was required to be made by the One overruling the whole matter was because In His sight it was a true statement. This will be more perfectly understood and entered into by every spiritual mind when the chronological facts and features to do with June 12th 1933 are unfolded).

In the course of the address Mr. Ware emphasised that the facts - 'which could be amplified a hundredfold ... proved beyond question that God, Who mocks no man,' had caused him 'positively to affirm and declare' what he did about the excision of Christendom and the Lord's warning of action on His part in 40 days' time. Knowing what these facts are, none of the company who stood with him have ever had any qualm about what was then said.

Predictably, during the forty days which followed this Meeting, the popular press made much of the sensational side of the matter, which was also reported in the foreign and colonial news media, so that the minds of millions were focused upon the date of June 12th.

The Hand of God Revealed

We must now take note of the following facts which reveal the hand of God in this matter.

It was not until after the notices calling the May 2nd Meeting had gone into print that a fact was divulged by the press which began to throw light on why God had so specifically caused 'June 12th' to be named, even 200 days beforehand,at the November 25th Meeting. This was that on April 29th the date had been fixed for a coming 'World Monetary and Economic Conference,' which the League of Nations had found it necessary to arrange in an attempt to meet the dire consequences of the great depression which had overtaken the world since November 1929. It was said that the Preparatory Commission of Experts had met for the first time in November 1932, and now the date fixed for this Conference was to be June 12th 1933.

The Significance of this Second Tower of Babel

Never before June 12th 1933, had all the nations of the earth been called to assemble themselves together in one place, the one exception, of course, being before they assumed separate nationality, after the Tower of Babel. (For the story of this, see Genesis 11: 1-9). But in 1933 a fearful necessity compelled this action, as commerce of all kinds had sunk to such a low level. Many nations had had to abandon the gold standard, and their currencies had become utterly unstable. So alarming had conditions become that a supreme effort was needed to right them, and the result was the birth of this great conference which was to embrace all the nations of the world.

During the forty days to June 12th, that is, on May 23rd, a meeting was held at the Lyceum Theatre, London, when a further paper was read and afterwards published, entitled 'THE WORLD'S SECOND TOWER OF BABEL AND ITS RESULTS.' A leading article in the Daily Mail of the previous day was quoted, which is worth recalling. It opened as follows:

'Only three weeks remain before the World Economic Conference meets in London to deal with an emergency for which there is no parallel in history. To that gathering representatives from sixty-six countries, ranging from the Soviet Union to Guatemala, have been invited. Their task will be to save the world from disaster. The existing depression is the worst ever known .......'

When the day of June 12th arrived, the World Monetary and Economic Conference duly met in the Geological Museum, Kensington, and was opened at 3pm by King George V and the British Prime Minister (Ramsay MacDonald) who was the President of the Conference. As 'The Times' commented on the following day, it was essentially a Conference of Governments - 'of all the governments of the world.'

There were sixty-six nations that met on this twelfth day of the sixth month in 1933, and the number gathered for the official dinner that evening, so the Press stated, was six hundred. Their intention was to build an economic structure which would unite the whole world; but, like a second Tower of Babel, history has to record that this great Conference became a disastrous failure, and broke up in confusion after some six weeks. Few will need to be reminded that six years later, in 1939, the last hope of world unity was taken away with the outbreak of the Second World War - so that then, instead of the world becoming 'an economic unit,' as Ramsay MacDonald had hoped, it was riven asunder, with its two great halves implacably opposing one another, and every prospect of genuine peace vanished from the minds of spiritually discerning people.
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