Appendix 8

The Measurement of the 6,000 Julian Years

Time from Creation to 8 am April 25th AD 26 4,100 solar years, 52days, 14hours
Time, as reckoned to sinful man, is held in suspense for the 7 years and 49 days between the opening of John the Baptist's Ministry on April 25th, AD 26, and the Ascension of Christ on June 13th, AD 33. (Time suspended)
Time from the Ascension to 6 pm June 12th* 1933 1,900 solar years, 1 day 10hours
Total 6,000 solar years, 54 days


* This would have been '14th June,' but our present calendar is out by 2 days - see Appendix 1.

The 6,000 years of man commenced after the Sabbath of Creation - the day of the Fall of Adam remaining unreckoned. By taking these eight days away this reduces the above total to:

6,000 solar years and 46 days, or 6,000 Julian Years exactly.

Note: A Julian Year is 365 and a quarter days.

A solar year is 365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes (mean over 6,000 years).

Our current calendar is kept accurate by dropping three 'leap year days' in every 400 years.


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