Appendix 3


The 500 years from Abram to the Exodus

Solar Year BC Years of Scripture
Age/Comment Scripture Reference
2129 2008 Abram born Terah 130 yrs Gen.11:32,12:4
2056 2083 Abram leaves Haran Abram 75 yrs Gen.12:1-4
2047 2093 Abram marries Hagar Ishmael conceived Gen.16:3
2046 2094 Ishmael born Abram 86 yrs Gen.16:16
2032 2108 Isaac born Abram 100 yrs Gen.21:5,17:17
2027 2113 Isaac weaned Ishmael cast out Gen.21: 8 & 14
1996 2145 Sarah's death Sarah 127 yrs Gen.23: 1
1993 2148 Marriage of Isaac Isaac 40 yrs Gen.25:20
1974 2168 Esau & Jacob born Isaac 60 yrs Gen.25:26
1848 2298 Jacob & his sons enter Egypt Jacob 130 yrs Gen.47: 9
1639 2513 The Exodus of Israel from Egypt   Exodus 12:41

Notes and Comments

1.The Chronology of Redemption records 10 Jubilee Cycles from the birth of Abram to the day of the Exodus. It ignores the 15 x 354 days between the Marriage of Abram with Hagar and the birth of Isaac. The seed through whom the Redeemer was to come could not be Ishmael, and Redemption Time was therefore suspended until Isaac was born, because Abram's marriage with Hagar was an expedient contrary to the purpose of God, and a departure from the path of faith and obedience (see Chart 2.)

2.To establish the chronology to the Exodus it is necessary to use the 430 years of Exodus 12: 40-41. These 430 x 354 days commenced 4 days after Abram was 75 years old (August 6th, 2056 BC) and ended on the day of the Passover which was May 11th, 1639 BC. During research in this period, it was revealed that the four days between the 10th and 14th of the first month at the Exodus (while the lambs were shut up awaiting sacrifice at the Passover) were unreckoned by God because they were typical of the four thousand years "'the Lamb of God'u" would await death - from the Fall of Adam to the Great Passover in AD33.

Time from Creation to the Exodus of Israel on May 12th, 1639 BC

Days 889,800
Solar years 2,436 years and 69 days
Lunations 30,131 lunations, 13 days, 20 hours and 30 minutes (to 6 pm May 11th)

Note: The Calendar now becomes 'Luni-Solar' until AD 33 (see Chart 4).
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